Hard lessons…

Today’s result is a bitter pill to swallow.  Getting beat by fractions of a second in a road race when you know you screwed around and left a lot in the tank and then getting beat by a two-time National Champion sprint monster does not equal what happened today.

We previewed the course three times.  We know the old excuse: “you should know the course”…..   There’s not much more as a dad I can do.   We’ve never been here before.   They did not have any kind of markings set up when we pre-rode the course, we just assumed we knew where the turn-around might be.  They asked us not to be on the course after setup even though it is still an open road.  The most irritating part, and anyone with a teenager will feel my pain, when we previewed the course the first time in the truck, there sleeps my Kayla in the back seat.

So what happened?   Kayla was the first 15-16 womens competitor to roll out of the gate.   She was the first TT’er of the day to roll to the 20K turn-around point.   Kayla turned at the younger kids 12k turn around, the same point everyone else was turning at…and they let her do it without an inkling of indication that she was not to turn there.   Unfortunately, the younger boys and the paracycling were still on course so they still had the first turn-around going.  So when Kayla comes screaming back into the gate with a time in the 19:00 minute range, we knew something was bad wrong.

So we take this one as a learning lesson.   We know she could have podium-ed again, if not won it outright.  The funny part, she comes in around 3-minutes behind the time of one of our own – Danny Parks of GSTenzing – who won the boys 13-14 field and is currently knocking on the door of the Cat2 ranks in Texas.   Now that’s fast and impressive.

Gonna take a while before the sting of this one goes away.


2 Responses to Hard lessons…

  1. Scott B says:

    aw shoot.

  2. Todd Lafleur says:

    Kayla its does not matter what happen out there on the coarse you are still a winner. You have to Podium spot and Nationals and that makes you a champion. Congrats on a job well done.

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