While Belle’s away, we try to behave.

Our den mother, Belle,  is in Australia visiting her real mother.  We’ve basically been left to our own devices.  What do the three of us (me, BuckyKatt and Bear) do when we have no supervision?

Me – of course rapidly progressing my way to Alzheimers by watching mind-pudding TV.  This instance isn’t so bad, The Meerkats is actually somewhat educational.  The other reality TV stuff I get mired in, not so much.

Mario Kart on the Wii.   I won’t stop playing this thing until I achieve Gold status across the board on all three levels.  Goals – successful people live by them.  Never mind that I’m currently in 11th place here.

BuckyKatt, as usual, annoyed with his staff, at least whats left of it.  He used to have a staff of four, now it’s down to two.






Bear. Where is Bear?

Monday evening I come home.   Sure is quiet around here.  Something’s missing.   Bear.  I’ve got a missing dog.  Initial search over the property turns up nothing.  His favorite dig out spots are clean, no evidence of tampering.  I even check the cars to make sure I didn’t kill my dog by accidentally shutting him in, he pines to get in vehicles.   On my way to a friends house to do a favor, I talk with the neighbor – “Seen my dog lately?”.  “Nope”, this neighbors been gone most of the day.    She says “Oh, did you hear what happened to John’s dog” (our other neighbor).   Apparently, their dog got loose while we were away in NM, ran to the track homes east of our place and was killed by two Rottweilers in their backyard.   Our other neighbor (we have lots of neighbors) was bit in the process of trying to save the roving mutt.   My stomach sinks in a knot.  I wonder if this is what happened to my dog.  How will I ever know.

A call to the animal shelter turns up nothing.   I was really hoping they would have him, but again, I saw no sign of a dig out.

I ran to do a favor for a friend, then sped back home and combed the east neighborhood on my trusty scooter,  even taking derision from the neighborhood teenys who can’t comprehend that riding a scooter really is cool.  Later I’m hoofing it in the neighbors alley ways looking a) for my dog, hopefully just stolen and tied up or b) for the two rottweilers who probably killed my dog.

No sign of my dog, no sign of an escape.  How am I ever going to explain this to Belle?  When do I tell her?  I don’t want to ruin her whole trip.  Meanwhile, the reality of loosing my favorite dog is setting in.  Count me in for one restless, sleepless night – mourning the loss of my doggy.   Belle even took the following photo of him just weeks before.  I always knew this photo would be how I remembered Bear when we loose him.

Well, not so fast.   What does Bear do when Belle is away?  Bear goes on a mission – to find his mother.

Bear’s been acting weird since Belle left us.  He won’t get out of his bed in the mornings.  Usually he performs as Belle’s morning entourage.   You can tell when Belle is coming down the hallway for the first time.   Bear flaps his ears and struts-n-wags into the living room almost precisely 10 seconds before Belle follows.  Should she muck things up and stop in the hallway bathroom first, well, Bear must go back to get her.  Second, he’s been sitting at the end of the hallway as if he’s waiting for Belle to mysteriously appear back there somewhere.  Generally, he’s usually passed out on the couch when Belle is around.   Third, he just won’t get out of bed in the mornings now.  Plus he’s been whining a lot.  He stares at me and utters that whine just on the edge of hearing.  Surely he thinks I’m a  moron and haven’t noticed one of the pack is missing.

So again, what does Bear get up to while Belle is away?







Yes, Bear was incarcerated.   Bear took a ride to the pokey in the naughty-mutt limo.

I have failing eyesight, but that doesn’t look like the Hyatt Regency to me.  More like “City of Allen Animal Shelter”?

Bail, in the amount of $37, was posted for Bear.  A dog has never been more grateful for the assistance.

Bear’s homecoming.

The good news is, at least I don’t have to tell Belle now.  As it turns out, Bear was still in the truck from being picked up when I called the pound, so they had no record of him.  On a whim I called again today and found out what Bear’s been up to.  Picked up over two miles from the house.  This dog was on a mission to find his mother.


3 Responses to While Belle’s away, we try to behave.

  1. chris kenavan says:


    Wow……..You have been busy, tracking the Bear, who is apparently traying to track is Mom!!!!

    What a story and am so glad that it has a happy ending and the photos totally make the story 🙂

    We are having lots of fun here with Belle!!! Wish you were here also!

    I am sending a care package for you all to put in the lock box 🙂 Dave is having a whole lot of fun with
    the lock filing cabinet here………

  2. Karen &Grandma says:

    I quess you had better keep a closer eye on your wandering kid until his mommy gets back. Bear could
    come visit Sheba but I am not sure either one would
    be impressed. Maybe you had better request a couple of weeks leave of absence

  3. L’idea di essere salvati da un nano di circo e la sua bella bellerina mi piaceva tanto…ora vado a mettermi con la macchina sullo svincolo dalla A1 in Click https://twitter.com/moooker1

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