About us:

This started out as a blog documenting our travels on bicycle through the United Kingdom,  The Netherlands and Germany.   That’s ancient history.

In 2008, we took our 15 year old daughter, Kayla, to Ft. Worth and watched as she solo’d off the front of the Texas Women’s Cat4 State Criterium Championship.  Did I mention it was a solo breakaway from lap 3?  45 minutes in the wind, by herself, running from the pack, never seen again until she crossed the finish line.

Obviously a sign of things to come.

2009, she does it again, only this time it’s the Texas Women’s Cat3 State Criterium Championship.  Things are getting more serious, you hear?

We took her to Nationals in June 2009 and she scores a bronze and a silver medal.  Each time right there in the hunt for a National Champions jersey.

October of 2009 we are approached about letting Kayla ride for an elite women’s team forming out of Austin.  After a lot of consideration, we signed the contract – and now off we go.



2 Responses to About us:

  1. Mike says:

    So when U guys getting the BMW???


    :)- Big Mike

  2. Lesley says:

    Just saw your Chinese info….what an experience.It was all fascinating. But I KNOW you looked better cycling in UK and Europe. Need to measure for the next Chinese bike!
    Loved home views too…….we are not convinced that Andy lives outside. Where does he sleep, Steve? You can be honest with your MIL.
    Love, Lesley and Brian

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